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BHU PMT Biology Question Papers 2015

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BHU PMT Biology Question Papers 2015 - All students who have applied for admission to MBBS/BDS through Banaras Hindu University (BHU) Pre Medical Test (PMT) can find here previous year solved Biology (Zoology & Botany) question papers for examination to be held in 2015.

The candidates seeking admission to MBBS/BDS Course 2015 in the Institute of Medical Sciences, BHU must register themselves online in the prescribed application form available on the BHU website ( alongwith the processing fee. However, the admission will be done on the basis of their merit in the AIPMT – 2015 examination.

Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University which is in its 53rd year of existence is the premier medical institution of this country. Over the last decade, it has been consistently ranked amongst the top 20 Medical Colleges of the country and in 2012 was rated as the 6th best Medical Colleges.

1. Which one of the following is an exotic carp species ?

a. Barbus stigma

b. Cyprinus carpio

c. Labeo bata

d. Cirrhinus mrigala

2. Which of the following two hormones are essential for induced breeding of fishes?

a. TSH and ACTH

b. Oestrogen and progesterone

c. FSH and LH

d. Vassopressin and oxytocin

3. The scientific name of the moth which produce tasar is

a. Bombyx mori

b. Antheraea mylitta

c. Antheraea assamensis

d. Philosomia ricini

4. A female Anopheles mosquito can be recognized by

a. Proboscis and palpi are long and more or less of equal length

b. Proboscis long and palpi short

c. Proboscis short and palpi long

d. Both proboscis and palpi are short

5. Cardiac muscles are

a. Striated and voluntary

b. Striated and involuntary

c. Smooth and voluntary

d. Smooth and involuntary

6. Which one of the following is NOT correctly matched ?

a. Sycon – Canal system

b. Star fish – Radial symmetry

c. Ascaris – Flame cell

d. Prawn – Haemocoel

7. The anterior V-spot in microfilaria of Wuchereria represents

a. Nerve ring

b. Cervical papilla

c. Excretory System

d. Reproductive system

8. Pyramid of energy in ecosystems is

a. Always upright

b. Always inverted

c. Mostly upright

d. Mostly inverted

9. Which one of the following immunoglobulins is found as pentamer ?

a.  IgG

b. IgM

c. IgA

d. IgE

10. When the two ecosystems overlap each other, the area is called

a. Habitat

b. Niche

c. Ecotone

d. Ecotype1

1. Which one of the following animal phyla does not possess a coelom ?

a. Platyhelminthes

b. Annelida

c. Mollusca

d. Echinodermata

12. What will be the codons in m-RNA if the DNA codes are ATG-CAG ?

a. TAC – GTC

b. UAC – GUC

c. UCA – TUA

d. TCA – GTC

13. If a cross between two individuals produces offsprings with 50% dominant character (A) and 50% recessive character (a) the genotype of parents are

a. Aa × Aa

b. Aa × aa

c. AA × aa

d. AA × Aa

14. In which stage of the first meiotic division two sister chromatids are formed ?

a. Leptotene

b. Zygotene

c. Pachytene

d. Diplotene

15. The gene of sickle cell anaemia is inherited by

a. Blood cells

b. Bone cells

c. Sex chromosomes

d. Autosomes

16. Which function will be lost due to damage of occipital lobe ?

a. Hearing

b. Speech

c. Vision

d. Memory

17. Structural lipids of cell membrane are

a. Simple lipid

b. Chromolipids

c. Steroid

d. Phospholipids

18. Which one of the following triplet codons is a chain termination codon ?

a. UGU

b. AAU

c. UUG

d. UAG

19. Ptyalin is inactivated by a component of gastric juice known as

a. Pepsin

b. Mucus

c. Rennin

d. HCl

20. Meissner’s corpuscles occur is

a. Brain

b. Nerve cells

c. Skin

d. Tongue

21. Movement of tongue muscle is controlled by

a. facial nerve

b. trigeminal nerve

c. hypoglossal nerve

d. vagus nerve

22. Which of the following is a gastro intestine hormone ?

a. Prolactin

b. Enterokinase

c. GH

d. FSH

23. Name the following having oxygen storing capacity

a. Myoglobin

b. Actin

c. Myosin

d. Fibrin

24. Calcium level decreases in the blood due to hyposecretion of

a. Parathyroid hormone

b. Calcitonin

c. Thyroxine

d. Adrenaline

25. Restriction enzymes are used to cut

a. Single stranded RNA

b. Double stranded DNA

c. Single stranded DNA

d. Double stranded RNA

26. Name the hormone that has no role in menstruation.

a. LH

b. FSH

c. GH

d. TSH

27. Longest phase of meiosis

a. Prophase I

b. Prophase II

c. Anaphase I

d. Metaphase II

28. Kupffer’s cells are

a. Phagocytic

b. Mast cells

c. Hormone secreting

d. Digestive juice secreting

29. Spindle fibre is made up of

a. humulin

b. intermediate filament

c. flagellin

d. tubulin

30. A plant cell becomes turgid due to

a. Plasmolysis

b. Exosmosis

c. Endosmosis

d. Electrolysis

31. Ovule integument gets transformed into

a. seed

b. fruit wall

c. seed coat

d. cotyledons

32. A flower which can be divided into two equal halves by only one plane is

a. Zygomorphic

b. Actinomorphic

c. Regular

d. Perfect

33. Structure element of Chromatin is

a. Histone

b. Acid protein and DNA

c. Nuclear matrix

d. Nucleosomes

34. Electrons used in Electron Microscope are of the wavelength

a. 0.05 Å

b. 0.15 Å

c. 0.25 Å

d. 0.30 Å

35. Acid rain is caused by

a. NO2

b. SO2

c. SO3

d. CO2

36. Pieces of plant tissue used in tissue culture is called

a. Explant

b. Somaclone

c. Inoculant

d. Clone

37. Inulin is a polymer of

a. Glucose

b. Galactose

c. Fructose

d. Arabinose

38. Biolistic technique is used in

a. Tissue culture process

b. Gene transfer process

c. Hybridization process

d. Germplasm conservation process

39. Polyploid derived from two different species is called

a. Autopolyploid

b. Triploid

c. Allopolyploid

d. Monoploid

40. What is a genophore ?

a. DNA in prokaryotes

b. DNA and RNA in prokaryotes

c. DNA and protein in prokaryotes

d. RNA in prokaryotes

41. When the oxygen supply to the tissue is inadequate, the condition is

a. Dyspnea

b. Hypoxia

c. Asphyxia

d. Apnea

42. The reflex arc, which is made of two neurons is known as

a. Monosynsptic reflex arc

b. Disynaptic reflex arc

c. Polysynaptic reflex arc

d. Asynaptic reflex arc

43. The cause of cretinism is

a. Hypothyroidism

b. Hypoparathyroidism

c. Hyperthyroidism

d. Hyperparathyroidism

44. Example of a typical homopolysaccharide is

a. Ligin

b. Suberin

c. Inulin

d. Starch

45. Which one of the following is not a second messenger in hormone action ?

a. Calcium

b. Sodium

c. cAMP

d. cGMP

46. Which of the following is a minerelocorticoid ?

a. Testosterone

b. Progesterone

c. Adrenalin

d. Aldosterone

47. The Gastrin is secreted from

a. Intestine

b. Stomach

c. Pancreas

d. Rectum

48. Electric potential of the brain is recorded by

a. CT Scan

b. Sphygmomanometer

c. ECG

d. EEG

49. ACTH is secreted from

a. Adrenal cortex

b. Pituitary

c. Adrenal Medulla

d. Thyroid

50. Fertilization occur in

a. Uterus

b. Ureter

c. Vagina D

d. Fallopian tube

(Biology) Answer Key

1)    b

2)    c

3)    b

4)    a

5)    b

6)    c

7)    c

8)    a

9)    b

10) c

11) a

12) b

13) b

14) c

15) d

16) c

17) d

18) d

19) d

20) c

21) c

22) b

23) a

24) a

25) b

26) d

27) a

28) a

29) d

30) c

31) c

32) a

33) d

34) a

35) b

36) a

37) c

38) b

39) c

40) a

41) b

42) a

43) a

44) d

45) b

46) d

47) b

48) d

49) b

50) d

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