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AIPMT Biology Question Papers 2015

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AIPMT Biology Question Papers 2015 - All candidates can download here Biology question papers for examination to All India Pre-Medical Pre-Dental Entrance Test - 2015 for admission to MBBS and BDS programmes for the academic session 2015-16. The entrance examination will be held on May 3, 2015.

We have presented question papers in different set's. All these question will help you for a better exam preparation.

The test is of 3 hours duration and Test Booklet contains 180 questions. Each question carries 4 marks.  For each correct response, the candidate will get 4 marks. For each incorrect response, one mark will be  deducted from the total scores. The maximum marks are 720.


Q.1. A student wishes to study the cell structure under a light microscope having 10X eyepiece and 45X objective. He should illuminate the object by which one of the following colours of light so as to get the best possible resolution ?

A) Yellow

B) Green

C) Blue

D) Red

Q.2. The net pressure gradient that causes the fluid to filter out of the glomeruli into the capsule is :

A) 20 mm Hg

B) 75 mm Hg

C) 30 mm Hg

D) 50 mm Hg

Q.3. Examination of blood of a person suspected of having anaemia, shows large, immature, nucleated erythrocytes without haemoglobin. Supplementing his diet with which of the following, is likely to alleviate his symptoms ?

A) Thiamine

B) Folic acid and cobalamine

C) Riboflavin

D) Iron compounds

Q.4. Farmers in a particular region were concerned that pre-mature yellowing of leaves of a pulse crop might cause decrease in the yield.Which treatment could be most beneficial to obtain maximum seed yield ?

A) Frequent irrigation of the crop

B) Treatment of the paints with cytokinins along with a small dose of nitrogenous fertilizer

C) Removal of all yellow leaves and spraying the remaining green leaves with 2, 4, 5- trichlorophenoxy acetic acid

D) Application of iron and magnesium to promote synthesis of chlorophyll

Q.5. Which one of the following is a slime mould?

A) Anabaena

B) Rhizopus

C) Physarum

D) Thiobacillus

Q.6. For a critical study of secondary growth in plants, which one of the following pairs is suitable?

A) Wheat and maiden hair fern

B) Sugarcane and sunflower

C) Teak and pine

D) Deodar and fern

Q.7. Which one of the following is not a characteristic of phylum Annelida?

A) Ventral nerve cord

B) Closed circulatory system

C) Segmentation

D) Pseudocoelom

Q.8. Cellulose is the major component of cell walls of

A) Saccharomyces

B) Pythium

C) Xanthomonas

D) Pseudomonas

Q.9. Which one of the following is the correct matching of the events occurring during menstrual cycle ?

A) Proliferative phase : Rapid regeneration of myometrium and maturation of Graafian follicle.

B) Development of corpus luteum : Secretory phase and increased secretion of progesterone.

C) Menstruation : breakdown of myometrium and ovum not fertilised.

D) Ovulation : LH and FSH attain peak level and sharp fall in the secretion of progesterone.

Q.10. Which one is the wrong pairing for the disease and its causal organism ?

A) Black rust of wheat - Puccinia graminis

B) Loose smut of wheat - Ustilago nuda

C) Root-knot of vegetables - Meloidogyne sp

D) Late blight of potato - Alternaria solani

Q.11. Darwin's finches are a good example of:

A) Industrial melanism

B) Connecting link

C) Adaptive radiation

D) Convergent evolution

Q.12. Which stages of cell division do the following figures A and B represent respectively?
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A) Metaphase − Telophase

B) Telophase minus; Metaphase

C) Late Anaphase − Prophase

D) Prophase − Anaphase

Q.13. In eubacteria, a cellular component that resembles eukaryotic cell is

A) Cell wall

B) Plasma membrane

C) Nucleus

D) Ribosomes

Q.14. Mutations can be induced with

A) Gamma radiations

B) Infra Red radiations

C) I A A

D) Ethylene

Q.15. Which one of the following is a case of wrong matching ?

A) Callus - Unorganised mass of cells produced in tissue culture

B) Somatic hybridization - Fusion of two diverse cells

C) Vector DNA - Site for t-RNA synthesis

D) Micropropagation - In vitro production of plants in large numbers

Q.16. Which one out of A – D given below correctly represents the structural formula of the basic amino acid?
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A) B

B) C

C) D

D) A

Q.17. In china rose the flowers are :

A) Actinomorphic, hypogynous with twisted aestivation

B) Actinomorphic, epigynous with valvate aestivation

C) Zygomorphic, hypogynous with imbricate aestivation

D) Zygomorphic, epigynous with twisted aestivation

Q.18. Lenticels are involved in

A) Transpiration

B) Gaseous exchange

C) Food transport

D) Photosynthesis

Q.19. A few normal seedlings of tomato were kept in a dark room. After a few days they were found to have become white-coloured like albinos. Which of the following terms will you use to describe them?

A) Etiolated

B) Defoliated

C) Mutated

D) Embolised

Q.20. Stimulation of a muscle fiber by a motor neuron occurs at

A) The myofibril

B) The sacroplasmic reticulum

C) The neuromuscular junction

D) The transverse tubules


Q.1. At which latitude, heat gain through insolation approximately equals heat loss through terrestrial radiation ?

A) 66° North and South

B) 22(1/2)° North and South

C) 40° North and South

D) 42(1/2)° North and South

Q.2. A man and a woman, who do not show any apparent signs of a certain inherited disease, have seven children (2 daughters and 5sons). Three of the sons suffer from the given disease but none of the daughters are affected.Which of the following mode of inheritance do you suggest for this disease ?

A) Autosomal dominant

B) Sex-linked dominant

C) Sex-limited recessive

D) Sex-linked recessive

Q.3. In which of the following fruits is the edible part the aril ?

A) Custard apple

B) Pomegranate

C) Orange

D) Litchi

Q.4. Which one of the following aminoacids was not found to be synthesized in Miller's experiment ?

A) Glycine

B) Aspartic acid

C) Glutamic acid

D) Alanine

Q.5. Which one of the following statements about Mycoplasma is wrong?

A) They cause disease in plants

B) They are also called PPLO

C) They are pleomorphic

D) They are sensitive to penicillin

Q.6. In the prothallus of vascular cryptogam, the antherozoids and eggs mature at different times. As a result:

A) Self fertilization is prevented

B) There is no change in success rate of fertilization

C) There is high degree of sterility

D) One can conclude that the plant is apomictic

Q.7. Vacuole in a plant cell

A) Lacks membrane and contains water and excretory substances

B) Is membrane-bound and contains storage proteins and lipids

C) Is membrane-bound and contains water and excretory substances

D) Lacks membrane and contains air

Q.8. A competitive inhibitor of succinic dehydrogenase is

A) Malate

B) Malonate

C) Oxaloacetate

D) Alpha- ketoglutarate

Q.9. Global agreement in specific control strategies to reduce the release of ozone depleting substances, was adopted by:

A) The Montreal Protocol

B) The Koyoto Protocol

C) The Vienna Convention

D) Rio de Janeiro Conference

Q.10. What is true about Bt toxin ?

A) Bt protein exists as active toxin in the Bacillus.

B) The activated toxin enters the ovaries of the pest to sterilise it and thus prevent its multiplication.

C) The concerned Bacillus has antitoxins.

D) The inactive protoxin gets converted into active form in the insect gut.

Q.11. The common nitrogen-fixer in paddy fields is:

A) Rhizobium

B) Azospirillum

C) Oscillatoria

D) Frankia

Q.12. Which two of the following changes (a − d) usually tend to occur in the plain dwellers when they move to high altitudes (3,500 m or more)?

1. Increase in red blood cell size

2. Increase in red blood cell production

3. Increased breathing rate

4. Increase in thrombocyte count Changes occurring are :

A) (b) and (c)

B) (c) and (d)

C) (a) and (d)

D) (a) and (b)

Q.13. A collection of plants and seeds having diverse alleles of all the genes of a crop is called

A) Genome

B) Herbarium

C) Germplasm

D) Gene library

Q.14. Which one of the following also acts as a catalyst in a bacterial cell?

A) 23 sr RNA

B) 5 sr RNA

C) sn RNA

D) hn RNA

Q.15. A patient brought to a hospital with myocardial infarction is normally immediately given

A) Statins

B) Penicillin

C) Chlorophyll synthesis

D) Cyclosporin–A

Q.16. What is the figure given below showing in particular ?
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A) Vasectomy

B) Ovarian cancer

C) Uterine cancer

D) Tubectomy

Q.17. Age of a tree can be estimated by :

A) Its height and girth

B) Biomass

C) Number of annual rings

D) Diameter of its heartwood

Q.18. Seed coat is not thin membranous in :

A) Maize

B) Coconut

C) Groundnut

D) Gram

Q.19. In vitro clonal propagation in plants is characterized by

A) Electrophoresis and HPLC

B) Microscopy


D) Northern blotting

Q.20. Deficiency symptoms of nitrogen and potassium are visible first in

A) Roots

B) Buds

C) Senescent leaves

D) Young leaves

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